Accounting is Shifting Toward Cloud-Based Software Solutions

Source: The CPA of the Future,

Desktop accounting software solutions are on their way out. In fact, according to a study conducted by Viewpost, 80% of organizations use some form of accounting software. One-third of that 80% use online, cloud-based accounting tools and there is an industry-wide trend toward the usage of these tools.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by AICPA's subsidiary confirms that 90% of the CPAs surveyed agreed that the delivery of digital business processes to clients will become a key differentiator among accounting firms in the next five years. Why is the industry shifting?

The answer is obvious, cloud-based SaaS solutions benefits far outweigh the benefits offered by conventional accounting platforms. The cloud is the way of the future and if your organization falls behind in technology and new business practices, you are losing money.

Introducing A/R Insite

To be able to grow without the risk of increased operations, organizations improve the bottom line by reducing costs and becoming more effective. Corporate raiders do this by firing employees and overworking the rest. Although that is effective, A/R Insite offers a better solution.


Create a centralized, easy to use platform for all customer communications that allows management to guide and oversee how employees and customers handle their accounts receivable process.

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Encourage your employees to work independently by giving them the power to manage your accounts receivable process.

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Squeeze the most out of customer accounts receivable through an automated process that will increase employee efficiency through time-saving templates and a collaborative interface.

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At the click of a button, see exactly how your accounts receivables were collected. Your organization deserves to have this ability.

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Use detailed processes to ease employee onboarding and retention. Decrease onboarding efforts entirely by having clearly defined and accessible instructions available to all new hires.

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After implementation, you will feel at ease and realize that your accounts are in good hands with absolute certainty.

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